Our service remain closed in puja holidays from 23 rd October 2020 to 26th October'2020 and delivery can be start after 2nd November'2020.Thanks.

Booksand Publishers Feedback

I have received the package. Thank you very much. Read More

Kaushik Basak 05/06/2020

Thank you for your service. Thanks Again Read More

Pradipta Chaudhuri 05/06/2020

Thanks Booksandpublishers I have received books today. Read More

Anuradha Golder 05/06/2020

Books and Refund received... Thank you Read More

Ananya 05/06/2020

boi pete aktu let hoyeche kintu boi bhaloi payachi Read More

Suparna Halder 05/06/2020

Thanks, got it???????? Read More

Bidut 05/06/2020

Thank you so much. Read More

Sherya Pal 05/06/2020

Many times I have bought books from their.They will never disappoint me. Read More

Rajiv Kumar Sardar 05/06/2020

I have ordered books in whatsapp they give me 10% spot discount. Thank you Booksandpublishers Read More

Jotirmoy Roy 05/06/2020

I have bought books many times since then. I like their service. Read More

Bishnu 05/06/2020

আমার ছেলের স্কুলের বই কিনেছি। হোম ডেলিভারি । থাঙ্কস Read More

Kaushik Ghosh 05/06/2020

I have received my favorite books from BooksAndPublishers today. Thanks Read More

Sudip Bhoumik 05/06/2020

আমি অনেক গুলি বই কিনে ছিলাম । খুব ভালোভাবে packing করা হয়েছিল । আবার ও বই কিনব । ধন্যবাদ Read More

Tanmoy Ghoshal 05/06/2020

I have buy my favorite books from the site and it s so fast delivered to me. booksandpublishers  say delivere with in seven days but I have received it with in only 5 days. Thank you so much Booksandpublishers. Read More

Tanmoy Roy 05/06/2020

হ্যাঁ পেয়ে গেছি ধন্যবাদ..!! booksandpublishers Read More

Subho 05/06/2020

Books and publishers done great job for me. They have good collection books.  I found my all required books from this portal.  Love this site Read More

Mitali Bhattacharjee 05/06/2020

I ordered books from USA. They shipped and I am so much happy after getting my favorite books from Books and Publishers. Read More

Elizabeth Smith 05/06/2020

ajke sokaale delivery peye gechhi........ thanks for your help. Read More

Suvarthi Chaudhuri 05/06/2020

আজ্ বই পেয়েছি। আরো বই কিনব । বুকস অ্যান্ড পাব্লিসারস । থাঙ্কস Read More

Parimal Mukharjee 05/06/2020

Payagachi Thanks.. Read More

Subhra Ganguli 05/06/2020

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