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1st Semester BEd Digest with Suggestions

The core subjects that students will have to study in the 1st semester are as follows—Course-I: Chil..

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1st Semester, Education Honours & General, Course CC-1 Introduction To Education (CU & VU)

Stream: Education Honours & GeneralCalcutta University Honours (1st Semester, CC-1) & G..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

1st Semester, Education Honours, Course CC-2, History Of Indian Education (CU & VU)

Stream: Education Honours  University of Calcutta (1st Semester CC-2)Vidyasagar Unive..

Rs.125.00 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00

2nd Semester, Education Honours, Course CC-4, Philosophical Foundation Of Education (CU & VU)

Stream: Education Honours University of Calcutta & Vidyasagar University (2nd Semester..

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3rd Semester, Education Honours, Course CC-7, Guidance And Counselling

Stream: Education Honours  University of Calcutta (3rd Semester CC-7)Vidyasagar Unive..

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Assessment Of The Learning Process And System–Dr. Amal Kanti Sarker

Course-IX (1.2.9) Assessment for LearningTheory: 50 + 50 Engagement with the field: 50 l Full Marks:..

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1. Growth and Development Pattern of LearnersConcept of Growth and DevelopmentGeneral Characteristic..

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